Yes! Orange Mailer offers this option.

What is Certified Mail? Read this FAQ from the USPS.

To locate the Certified Mail option, click the "More Options" button located in the Packaging section when creating a mailing.

Sending Certified Mail has the following requirements. 

  • To send Certified mail REQUIRES the placement of the Green 3800-N Banner on the envelope. This is NOT OPTIONAL.
  •  The 3800-N label must be properly placed. See the example below.
  • The 3800-N label is available from your local post office or We do not offer them at this time.
  • If you select and pay for Electronic Receipt you must manually request the receipt by navigating to the History page and locating the mailing and selecting the "Request Electronic POD" button as shown in the second image below.
  • Sending Certified with the Adult signature required is available as Priority Mail only.
  • Certified Mail is NOT faster, and may in fact take longer.
  • Orange Mailer and it's parent (Orange Marmalade, Inc) are not responsible nor liable for any failures beyond providing postage and/or a refund of the actual postage price.