The USPS does not offer tracking on first class letters or cards, however Orange Mailer incorporates whats knows as an "Intelligent Mail Barcode" (IMb) (what we call Status Track) onto the label itself.

Th IMb is then scanned by USPS and serves as a status of your letter. This status provides information that lets you know that USPS has received your letter, where it is in the pipeline (which post office), and if it is out for delivery.

Unlike a tracking number, the Status Check offered by Orange Mailer has one key specific difference:
- At no time is the IMb manually scanned.

USPS does not offer actual tracking on First Class letters, cards or flats. Your item will never be scanned at delivery. However, you will have proof of mailing, an estimated date of delivery and an indication of when your item was placed with the carrier to be delivered.

To check the status of a First Class letter, card or flat 

1. navigate to the History tab. 

2. locate the mailing.

3. click the "Get Status" button.

4. It may take a few moments for the status to show, as the information is taken directly from USPS servers.

NOTE: Orange Mailer does not guarantee the accuracy of any scan, or that the scan will take place. Use of the IMb is dependent on the US Postal Services system. Orange Mailer "Status Track" shows results of a request made to USPS.

This service is presently offered for free. Other services charge up to 32 cents PER BARCODE.