Once you have registered and signed in to your new account there is 2 things you need to do before 

you can access all functions properly. Once this is done you will have access to all functions like batch printing etc.

1. Enter your ship FROM address.  

USPS requires a legal address to be entered as a ship from address, ( it can not be a box store like the UPS post boxes )

You do this on the get started page.

Enter your ship from address, phone and email, click the little box next to "Update your default"

Then click the green button "show available rates" , your ship from is now stored. You can change it at any time by redoing these steps.

2. Update Admin section,

Click the settings tab, and 

1.   make sure your Time zone is correct, 

2.  Packaging default. Here you can pick a default setting for service / package size / weight, if you do so the system

will preset these settings when you go through the process of creating a label, convenient if you ship most or all First Class, or always use the same size boxes..

3.  Label settings, here you can change / add the custom line of text on the labels, and pick your default label size.

4. Make sure there is a correct email for your profile.