Orange Marmalade, Inc. offers shipping insurance on most packages when the option is selected and paid for.

Orange Marmalade, Inc charges 1% of the declared value for this coverage (with a $1.00 minimum).

The attached document covers the legal stuff (ie., it governs the coverage and claims process).

The basics:

If you purchased insurance and feel you have a claim you must:

  1. Have selected the insurance option, entered a value, AND paid for it.
  2. Have purchased postage that includes tracking (First Class letters, cards and flats do NOT include tracking).
  3. Have properly packaged your item*
  4. Notify us in writing via a ticket here: 
  5. Include all supporting documentation such as images, details, etc. Include anything that would help prove your claim.
  6. Include an invoice, payment receipt or appraisal document to support your declared value.
  7. Notify us within 60 days of shipment date.

Orange Marmalade, inc will do its best to facilitate a quick resolution, however we are governed by the documents attached and other agreements and sometimes our hands are tied. We will inform you of any status updates and work to keep everyone "in the loop". Generally speaking, a well documented claim will be resolved faster than one that raises many questions. 

By purchasing insurance offered thru Orange Marmalade, Inc you expressly agree that Orange Marmalade, Inc's and it's insurance providers limitation of liability will not exceed the declared value as indicated at the time of purchase, and shall never exceed $2500.

Any international insurance coverage may be limited to the value as entered on the customs forms.

* Proper packaging does not include "envelopes" unless they are USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL branded priority or better. First class letters, cards and flats are not suitable. Should you use unsuitable packaging to protect your valuables, our limit of liability shall be the amount paid for insurance (1% of declared value).