Postage created thru Orange Mailer may be printed on any printer you have available. However, we recommend using a Zebra or other label printer for ease of use and reliability.

Labels are preset at 4" x 6". Use this as a guideline and any printer should work.

If you need to print directly onto envelopes (using first class postage), a standard laser or ink jet printer should work fine. Simply insert an envelope into the printer as indicated in the printers manual (usually centered in the paper tray), and the postage will print directly onto the envelope. The "Paper Size" should be set at "Env10" and the "Scale" at "Custom" "100"

There is no need to fear mis-printing as all postage purchase may be re-printed at any time from the history page.  (don't try to re-use postage though, as that could be a Federal Offense.)

If you try to print a 4 x 6 label and end up with a full page label then change settings to "2 per page"

After getting your label:

Hover over the label 

and select the printer icon

Under  “Pages per sheet” select “2”

If your screen displays “Multiple” select that and then select “2”

You may also need to select the "Size" as "Printable Area". In some cases this can also be 160%.

The key is to locate the settings for “Page Sizing” and/or “Page Handling”

The postage you generated is a standard PDF file, so each printer can be adjusted to get the best and most readable print out available.